Different Types of Fencing Materials You Could Choose

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There are a myriad of reasons why you may consider perimeter fencing for your property. Homeowners tend to assume that fences function only for the sole reason of providing security and keeping their home private. However, with the myriad of fencing supplies in the market, you could opt to have one installed for the mere aesthetic appeal and how it will beautify your outdoors. Additionally, you could opt to have a fence installed to increase the value of your property if you intend to put it on the market. With all these different reasons for fence installation, it should also come as no surprise that there are a variety of fencing materials to choose from. Your choice will largely depend on the budget available to you as well as your specific needs for the perimeter fencing. Here are some of the different fencing materials that you could choose from. 

Vinyl fencing materials

This tends to be a popular option for cul de sacs and neighbourhoods with a homeowners association. The reason for this is vinyl fencing tends to have clean, uniform lines, thus ensuring that the entire neighbourhood looks identical. In addition to this, vinyl fencing is also a cost effective choice due to its lack of costly maintenance. You do not need to have this material stained, sealed or painted for it to remain in good condition. It should be noted though that vinyl fencing is not known for its strength. Thus, it is better for homeowners looking for something that is aesthetically appealing rather than for security. 

Masonry fencing materials

These materials comprise stone and bricks. Masonry fencing option are best suited for stately neighbourhoods as it gives the home a historic appearance. These fences are quite sturdy and make a great option for people looking to beef up the security of their residence through perimeter fencing. They also provide your residence with increased privacy. These fences tend to be expensive though as their installation is labour intensive.

Metal fencing materials

These materials encompass the use of aluminum, wrought iron, steel and more. Due to the range of metallic materials that can be used, the prices will vary depending on the strength of the different materials. For instance, aluminium fencing will be much cheaper than wrought iron fencing. Metal fences are great for homeowners who would like to establish a perimeter on their property but would not like their view obstructed. Since these materials are not typically used for the provision of privacy, they tend to be highly decorative and come in a range of designs.

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