Agricultural Machinery to Help Expand Your Dairy Farm Business

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As the operator of a dairy farm, you likely sell your wares to local stores and area markets. This means you have also likely heard from your customers about expanding to offer your dairy products in a storefront option on or near your farm. If you are seriously considering this type of expansion, there are some pieces of agricultural machinery that could help.

Pasteurizer machinery

Owning a dairy farm means that you probably already have some form of pasteurizer machinery. If you plan on opening a storefront on your dairy farm, for your customers to buy organic dairy products, then you will need to upgrade your pasteurizer or buy another unit to help with production. If you only want to offer a small amount of milk to your customers, as in a made fresh daily option, then you could go with a batch pasteurizer that only handles a few gallons at a time. This will allow you to handle small batches specifically for the storefront and leave the bigger machinery to your normal dairy production quotas.

Milk Analyzer

You want to offer your customers the very best milk you can offer. This means you need to monitor the milk your dairy produces and determine if it is high enough quality. If it isn't, you will want to change the feed your cows are getting, supplements they may be getting, or the amount they are getting on a daily basis. For this, you need a milk analyzer. This piece of agricultural machinery will take small amounts of your milk and test the contents. It will then give you the parameters of solids, fats, density, and other categories of quality. You can take these analysis and help determine which direction you want to go to improve or maintain your current milk production.

Cream and Butter machinery

Milk may not be the only thing you want to offer your customers. You may want to also offer organic heavy cream or fresh made butter products. If this is the case you will need a few agricultural items like an industrial butter churner and cream separators. These pieces of machinery will allow you to make fresh options for your customer on a daily basis. You can even make dairy items to order for clients with special needs or weekly orders. 

These pieces of dairy agricultural machinery are just a few considerations in your endeavor to expand your dairy to a on-site storefront. An agricultural machinery professional can help you determine other pieces of machinery that may be ideal for your needs. They will also help with pricing options and delivery or installation of the machinery you choose.